George Zimmerman’s #1 Supporters Appear on Dr. Phil

Mark and Sondra Osterman on Dr. Phil

On today’s season premier of Dr. Phil, friends of George Zimmerman and perhaps his #1 supporters, Mark and Sondra Osterman, took time to state their case as to why they’re in his corner for the upcoming George Zimmerman Trial.  They also found time to plug their upcoming book, Defending Our Friend: The Most Hated Man in America.  Dr. Phil McGraw wasted no time in confronting the Ostermans on why he found it absurd that Zimmerman was carrying a weapon while on duty as a neighborhood watch volunteer.  Mrs. Osterman was quick to point out however that Zimmerman wasn’t on duty the evening of the incident in which Zimmerman is accused of taking young Trayvon Martin’s life.

Also making an appearance on Tuesday’s show, Alicia Martin, Trayvon Martin’s stepmom.  She made a point to praise her stepson Trayvon adding that she seemed perplexed as to why the Ostermans would want to share with the world that they were responsible for helping George Zimmerman purchase the firearm used in the incident with her stepson.  The Ostermans explained they believe in George Zimmerman although they did admit to the point that had Mr. Zimmerman never gotten out of his vehicle, the incident wouldn’t have occurred.

As Osterman tried to bring up George Zimmerman’s head injuries, Mrs. Martin was having no part in that discussion.  She vehemently exclaimed “he killed him, he did not have to shoot him!”  She seemed to believe that due to Trayvon’s slender stature and the size of  George Zimmerman that Mr. Zimmerman could have defended himself without the use of a gun.

Dr. Phil put in his two cents by brushing the finger pointing aside and explaining that at the root of this incident, there was a teenager going out to the store to buy some skittles and iced tea…


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